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Sweet Marijane,

Before the dawn of ages you have cured the afflicted from mental oppression,

We have learned to cultivate you even you were repressed from repressors of the truth,

We have tried to make you appear as a sickeness for the weaken, but you were our reason for hope and justice,

To prevail on us,

We have ridiculized you as a gateway drug for ridiculous reasons, and you were none of that,

We have guessed on your origins blindly, yet poorly aware of the science which you draw your benefits and love for us,

We try to commit you in illegal prohibition and traffic, but you still growing silently,

You were equally refusing to listen to the voices of oppression and resisting to moths,

And I love you for that,

My Dear Sweet Marijane,

Let your roots become a source of inspiration for thoses who seek the truth and recomfort in your love!

Etienne Robillard 11:58, 28 January 2013 (EST)