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Introduction to Schiff bases

  • Insert text here in scientifically acceptable way (ie: without grammar errors) to explain the functions and basics of Schiff base formation. [1]

Schiff bases conjugated pharmacological intermediates and N-substituted heterocyclics carbenes

  • Present summarly the basic psychopharmacological aspects/functions of imine in a biological system .
    • pharmacological intermediates (N-substituted heterocyclics)
    • Nucleophilic carbonyl addition
    • PS: Yb(OTf)3 route to 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives.
    • Micheal addition=>PS (Pictet-Spengler asymmetric synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines)

Schiff bases as quorum sensing molecules (AHL) and Serine-dependent osmolitic regulators/ATP synthase

  • Question 1 : In your own words, explain at least 2 functions of the envZ/30C6HSL (ATP-dependent) synthetase in E. coli.
  • Question 2 : How is EnvZ relevant to CES (ADA) and specifically the CAMK2G gene?
  • Note: Further info on Phenylmethylamine substituted beta-amyloid ligands (APP) are here.
  • Question 3 (bonus question) : In your own words, describe the role of a synthase enzyme (without the help of Wikipedia!) in the phosphorylation of ATP.

Formation of phenylmethylamine as the tautomeric form of a ethyl-methyl carbanion

  • For the long story, see Phenylmethanamine: A nucleophilic Schiff base where the N-substituted anion is fused to a benzene ring (?) to yield a enamine. See also Ethanamine. Note that the C=N double bond is the result (product) of asymmetric synthesis (Micheal addition) in presence of a organometal catalyst.
    Example cyanophosphate-derived synthetic reagent.
  • assert biological relevance of Parkinson disease [2] as the result of prolonged 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives absorption: A 2-phenylmethylamine-specific enatiomer ?
  • Additional data is provided in EC to confirm a solid link between Parkinson disease and novel tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives. -- Check this. -ER
  • tristable PD riboswitch abstrachachachatization: Check/verify the tri-stable RNA polymerase repressor functions (LuxR) and AHL evidences in the design of Schiff base conjugated (6xHis tag) psychochemicals to induce (lazy) light-activated mRNA transcription and metabolism. -ER
  • Verify this lazy RNA polymerase function: 2ATP+CO2->Ph2CO<=>2(N+2(R)+OH) -ER
  • carbanion = cyanide anion
  • See also PMID = GCG ACA ATG CAG CAT CAC ...

The Monsanto connection: Troika acids; novel cyanophosphonate compounds as N-substituted (alkyl) drug carrier (pharmacochemical intermediates)

  • US6218563 (cyanophosphonamides as recombinant polyhistidine tag)
  • US5935542 (cyanophosphonate derivatives compounds as a n-substituted Schiff base) (ie: for binding ca2+/mg2+ ions to a recombinant "fusion" protein...)
  • Chuck: If you want to spray civilians without impunity, be sure to include a cyanoethyl moeity...
  • Oracle: Are you kidding? Once upon a time cyanide was at the basis of the Zyklon-b pellet...
  • Oracle: Hence, the magnitude and scale of civilians exposure to the new compound is probably most effective today.
  • Chuck: For next time, how about a ban of spraying civilians with pharmacochemical intermediates ?
  • Oracle: Go ask Obama!
  • Chuck: LOL
  • Oracle: Go ask Monsanto! When should it become natural to breath air ? Is this a luxury reserved for an elite golf club ?
  • Chuck: And Is this the reason I'm being emprisonned ?
  • Chuck: Because I refuse to happily breath such things while the majority of the breed have no clue what the heck a troika acid is composed of?


  3. DOI: 10.1021/ja00132a045

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