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=== Introduction to Schiff bases ===
* Insert text here in scientifically acceptable way (ie: without grammar errors) to explain the functions and basics of [http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Organic_Chemistry/Organic_Chemistry_With_a_Biological_Emphasis/Chapter_11:_Nucleophilic_carbonyl_addition_reactions/Section_11.6:_Imine_(Schiff_base)_formation Schiff base formation]. [1]
=== Schiff bases conjugated pharmacological intermediates and N-substituted heterocyclics carbenes ===
* Present summarly the basic psychopharmacological aspects/functions of imine in a biological system .
** pharmacological intermediates (N-substituted heterocyclics)
** Nucleophilic carbonyl addition
** PS: <font color="red">Yb(OTf)3</font> route to '''1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines''' derivatives.
** Micheal addition=>PS (Pictet-Spengler asymmetric synthesis of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines)
=== Schiff bases as quorum sensing molecules (AHL) and Serine-dependent osmolitic regulators/ATP synthase ===
* Question 1 : In your own words, explain at least 2 functions of the envZ/30C6HSL (ATP-dependent) synthetase in E. coli.
* Question 2 : How is EnvZ relevant to CES (ADA) and specifically the CAMK2G gene?
* Note: Further info on Phenylmethylamine substituted beta-amyloid ligands (APP) are [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Phenylmethylamine|here]].
* Question 3 (bonus question) : In your own words, describe the role of a synthase enzyme (without the help of Wikipedia!) in the phosphorylation of ATP.
=== Formation of phenylmethylamine as the tautomeric form of a ethyl-methyl carbanion ===
* For the long story, see [[Phenylmethylamine]]: A nucleophilic Schiff base where the N-substituted anion is fused to a benzene ring (?) to yield a '''enamine'''. See also [[Ethanamine]]. Note that the C=N double bond is the result (product) of asymmetric synthesis (<font color="red">Micheal addition</font>) in presence of a organometal catalyst.
* assert biological relevance of Parkinson disease [2] as the result of prolonged 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives absorption: A 2-phenylmethylamine-specific enatiomer ?
* Additional data is provided in [http://brenda-enzymes.org/php/result_flat.php4?ecno= EC] to confirm a solid link between Parkinson disease and novel tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives. -- Check this. -[[User:Etienne_Robillard|ER]]
* tristable PD riboswitch abstrachachachatization: Check/verify the tri-stable RNA polymerase repressor functions (LuxR) and AHL evidences in the design of <font color="red">Schiff base conjugated C6 (hexanoyl) psychochemicals to induce (lazy) light-activated mRNA transcription and metabolism</font>. -[[User:Etienne_Robillard|ER]]
* Verify this lazy RNA polymerase function: 2ATP+CO2->Ph2CO<=>2(N+2(R)+OH) -[[User:Etienne_Robillard|ER]]
* carbanion = cyanide anion
=== References ===
# http://chemwiki.ucdavis.edu/Organic_Chemistry/Organic_Chemistry_With_a_Biological_Emphasis/Chapter_11:_Nucleophilic_carbonyl_addition_reactions/Section_11.6:_Imine_(Schiff_base)_formation
# http://www.wikigenes.org/e/chem/e/7046.html

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