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Introduction to phenylmethylamine and physiological relevance in chronic cognitive disfunctions

"That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons that history has to teach." - Aldous Huxley, English novelist, 1959

Use and biological relevance of 2-phenyl-N-methylamine heterocycles

Primary learning objectives:

  • Study and analyze the historical relevance of phenolic compounds and their related psychochemical media (ie: purines) used for research in synthetic biology and how theses compounds may impact or influence the development of biochemical warfare agents used for bioterrorism purposes. Secondly, identify the synthetic origins of the psychochemical compound and a general method for the human body to safely neutralize the phenoxy-alkylamine compound (drug) using competitive enzyme kinetics inhibitors.
  • Verify the importance of Ketamine-induced disassociative behavior in phenylmethylamine derived drug delivery via asymmetric PS catalysed microwaves
  • Notice the 2.45 GHz factor in Fmoc-based (MW) polymer based drug delivery in DNA depurination.

Selective NMDA receptor antagonist (N-substituted benzoxazole heterocyclics)


  • corroborate/regroup your results/evidences and demonstrate the inherent functions and purposes of the rogue psychochemical aerosols spraying in Quebec as a potential attempt to induce psychotic-like cognitive pharmacotherapy on unconsentive, disinformed, and unaware civilian populations - in a scientifically acceptable way!
  • Also recheck/verify the corresponding evidences linking asymmetric smart pills medicamentation to unidentified psychochemical media under 2.45 Ghz based microwave (wireless) reactors.
  • Construct a formal hypothesis to further corroborate and verify the scientific evidences of chronic, long-term, exposures of human populations (Quebec, 2001-2013) exposed without their consent and knowledge to psychotropic alkylamines (ie: atypical pharmacological medicamentation)
  • Report the evidences in a scientifically valid way to measure the implications of state-sponsored bioterrorism with psychochemical media/compounds on civilian populations... (See also phenylalinine)


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