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So you have been forced by a foolish human-android to acknowledge the insanity of this so-called society ? Don't worry, bud, we'll work something out as always :)


The purposes and aims of this experiment are two folds: First, we want you to avoid being mentally harmed while being forced to take antipsychotics drugs. Second, we want you to find a way to functionalize the degradation of the psychoactive compound into a non-psychoactive, and safe racemase.

Design philosophy

  • broad spectrum specificity : The degradation of the optically-active racemate must accept many substrates. (ie: pines and dones)
  • Fast, safe, and side-effects free bioremoval of the metabolite.

One Step Transamination and Degradation of Paliperidone to PLP

  • Approach 1: racemization of paliperidone to 5'-pyridoxal phosphate (PLP) via MTRR(ATP) synthase, a B-glucuronide (B-galactosidase) analog. This is an experimental method to neutralize the active metabolite to a more safe mono-aminase, which should hopefully provide a wet blanket for glutamate-induced neurotoxicity.

Starting Material

  • paliperidone: an atypical antipsychotic derived from Risperidone. see Risperidone.
  • clozanpine: another atypical antipsychotic
  • citric acid : refer to "Citric acid cycle"


  • racemate:
  • racemase:
  • racemization: "The production of a racemate from a chiral starting material in which one enantiomer is present in excess." (see also Racemate)
  • ketoacidosis:
  • reagent:
  • methylation:
  • glucoronide:
  • amide:
  • ester:
  • transaminase:
  • transaldimination:
  • palmitate: Salt/ester of palmitic acid - a saturated fatty acid (reference: wikipedia)



  1. Absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion of Paliperidone, a New Monoaminergic Antagonist, in Humans
  2. The Oxidative Stress May be Induced by the Elevated Homocysteine in Schizophrenic Patients

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