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The Acetoacetic Ester Condensation (Claisen Condensation...)

United States Patent 8283472 (note the cyanide mention at the top of the page...)

FRIEDEL-CRAFT acylation:

4-methylimidazole (4-Mel) -> 4-acylaminopyridine derivative: US7998971

Construction of optically active (4-trans) methylphenidate hcl derivatives !

GSK-3: glycogen synthase kinase 3 (inhibitor)

Never give up, never surrender

Cycloalkane -> Schiff base -> benzylamine protected enantiomer (ie: methylphenidate...)

Microwave/DMF activated N-benzylformamide catalysis of (R,R')-(+)-methylphenidate: a glycine-activated neural GABA antagonist

  • 130605:
    • doi: 10.1073/pnas.1005399107
    • until the 5th of july is over, you may want to review the Shikimate pathway :)
    • lovely:
    • Science reality ?
  • 130606:
    • Chuck:LOL really
    • Chuck: F...
    • Oracle: Dude, dont talk EVER to proper and finely educated ladies this way...
    • Oracle: There must exist a proper way to address the detention of peaceful civilian using non-violence...
    • Chuck: They must be thinking i'm a f<CENSORED> schizophreniac now.
    • Oracle: Yes. All the time. That not very interesting. Why are you asking all the times the same thing over and over again?
    • Chuck: They made plans to put me in a detention camp and test on me lethal drugs and lithium for 3 years.
    • Chuck: I don't like that. :(
    • Oracle: Insanity is dangerous.
    • Chuck: Especially when the purpose of this detention is to make me a chemical blue cheese. I love my sanity and my sweet kush. I don't want to be a fucking guinea pig for their human experiments with sulfonamides and shit.
    • Oracle: Bastards. Don't let them make you a fucking lunatic. Be independent.
    • Chuck: maybe worth trying some LSD next time. :)
    • Oracle: mush ?
    • Chuck: i love putting my Mushrooms in a soup! yay! :)

related documentation (possibly outdated)

Things to do when an experiment go wrong

  1. Note the date, peoples, and summarize the experiment in the wiki.
  2. document the conditions where the experiment occured (date)
  3. document your interpretation of the results.
  4. make paragraphs to separate your results in smaller chunks.
  5. find steps to avoid endangering your life doing scientific experiments before the experiment(s) itself. :)
  6. bring a partner (for safety) or two (more fun)
  7. bring a safety google
  8. Write a "protocol" to avoid unnecessary and unexpected issues
  9. Have a emergency kit ready in case of fire...
  10. Do let your partner knows the purposes and directions of the Experiment and ask him (her) about his objections and input.
  11. If your partner life is threatened, you are responsible for him/her so avoid riskful situations to not endanger his/her life.
  12. If necessary, use a full-body armor and a cross-bow to defend agaisn't hordes of uncivilized barbarians, an effective weapon to dissuade agaisnt mentally dangerous charlatans from harming your partner or yourself while doing your non-violent scientific project.
  13. When the experiment is over, make a Final Synthesis about your discoveries and future directions.