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  • Redox directed chemotherapeutics agents : doi:10.1089/ars.2009.2541 - Get the Free PMC here.
  • Note that the invasion of Quebec is not over yet and rogue planes yesterday continuously sprayed over my town massive amounts of odorless and colorless chemicals in the lower atmosphere.
  • Je pari que cette transgression continuelle de mes droits et libertés de respirer de l'air frais ne peut se faire que par la coopération du gouvernement en place se rendant ainsi complice de ces activités terroristes sur le territoire Québecois.

Model, concepts, and experimental data

  1. Wikis: The wiki is a network-oriented tool to interchange and communicate through a web-based interface. We believe wikis are a fundamental aspect of our research to annotate/document the aspects of theses aerial assaults over unaware and disinformed populations.
  2. Vocabulary and Language: We use the english language to document the crimes and attacks being executed on civilians in Quebec region. Occasionally will post in french too. Most importantly the vocabulary must not contains semantical errors as we're in the business of documenting what your government want you hidden from your prying eyes.
  3. Information and Education: Essentially the aim and scope of this "research" must find its raison d'être into the public release and disclosure of the science and technology being used to gas civilians without their clear consent and awareness.