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"Where your talents and the needs of the world cross, lies your calling." -- Aristotle
== Journal ==
Thank you for reading and interesting yourself on the subject.
You're welcome to improve this document as you see an opportunity of doing so.
=== Purposes ===
* To serve as a template for investigating a potential high-treason in Canada, where unwary civilians may be
serving as guinea pigs for suspicious bioengineering research without their consent knowledge, from which state-controlled
disinformation may serve foreign interests in theses dual-purposes experiments, combining suspicious bioaerosol exposures
and synthetic DNA therapy.
* To sensibilize students in science to the notion of responsability! Let them reach their own conclusions why chemtrails are related to dual-purposes research and why the global warming theory may be essentially wrong and falsified.
=== Terminology ===
* short words are better than long words.
* other long and ambiguous terms here.
=== 2010 ===
* The frequency of visible observations of "persistent" contrails is so concerning that its somewhat useless to count them all.
* The white-colored (ternish) substance is "dense", and the phenomenon can be watched when very clear skies/weather conditions are met.
* No one else seems to care but me and others. (very few individuals "interested" in the subject)
** Keywords: Cognition, apathy, denial, fear, electromagnetism, endocrine disruption
* '''Complete silence of the coverage of covert operations by medias and the government.'''
* Regular reports of 'smog alerts' in the news (radio).
** Keywords: Psychological warfare, biological warfare/terrorism, cognition, population control, endocrine disruption, [[SCAD]]
* Apparently more frequent phenomenon in city/urban regions ? (i.e: North America or Northern Hemisphere)
* The "X" shape pattern has been observed multiple times.
* whiteish persistent substance comes from fast-moving aircraft (or jet).
* Persistent "aerosol-like" substance trails seems to have a accumulating effect when combined with others trails
** Reflectivity of the unidentified substance is elevated, and seems to reflect sunlight, thus raising the [[WikiPedia:Albedo]] index significantly.
** Also seems to affect outside temperature, humidity (rH), as a result of poor sunlight.
* 2010-06-02: A doctor on the radio (98.5FM/Montreal) morning show reported about dangers of so-called 'smog alerts' and the rapid rise of cardiac arrests (coronary heart disease) due to 'smog' in Boston, USA.
** __Further qualitative lab analysis (electrolysis, etc) and research to identify aerosol particles and their chemical composition is urgent.__
** Keywords: endocrine disruption, aluminium oxide, barium hydroxide, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barium_carbonate|Barium_carbonate]]
** Reference 1: http://healthandenergy.com/dust_and_heart_disease.htm
** Reference 2: http://www.carnicom.com/flame1.htm
** Metallic odor/smell when heavy spraying operations underway.
** Symptoms reported includes sinus irritation, eyes irritation, sneezing, coughing, fatigue, headache, ...
* 2010-06-03: Picture of a chemtrails aircraft doing a spraying operation during ww2 (cyberpresse.ca): http://www.cyberpresse.ca/actualites/quebec-canada/national/201006/02/01-4286285-seconde-guerre-mondiale-le-canada-laboratoire-darmes-biologiques.php
* 2010-06-09: The covert operations seems to happens more conveniently in the morning (~ 0600 - 0800 AM).
** Medium and small releases of unidentified particles which condenses and persists in the atmosphere was photographed in the past using the same time period. This suggests a repeatable pattern of covert operations executed early in the morning. 
* 2010-06-19: The covert operations require further urgent investigations as they're continuously (actively) spreading potentially harmful substances over urban and civilian areas without informed public consent with unknown long-term effects. '''Thus, it is a completely reasonable question to ask if the Canadian or US military is actively engaged in spreading experimental chemical substances over civilian areas in North America.'''
** Images of the covert operations "aircraft" shows no minimal distance between the pipe of the aircraft to the trail (aerosol-like/chemical/biological substance), as seen [[https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails911/chemtrails/original_100_2884_jpg.jpeg|here]].
* '''2010-06-22: Another intense day of covert operations and spraying of aerosols-like substance from high-speed "aircrafts" in Laval.'''
** The symptoms mostly inevitable in individuals are mood and psychological-like disorders.
** Aggressivity and apathy of healthy young adults during heavy spraying (and fallout) was also observed.
** Larger trails of aerosols substances have been observed to dissolve within a few minutes. (~10-20min)
** The maximum duration time observed of the __dimming effect on sunlight__ is ±12 hours.
** Thus, if a spray occurs on 6h00am, the dimming effect (or albedo modification) may last until ±6h00pm. (see GlobalDimming)
** Absence or very few sightings of chemtrails 'aircraft' activity during drought period; extreme heat period resulted in more people dying. (1)
** [[https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails911/chemtrails/100_3162_jpg.jpeg.html|Picture taken on 2010-07-12, Laval Quebec]]
* 2010-07-14: Effects on __mood__ due to poor sunlight are notable. (Mostly after a prolonged period of dimmed sunlight.)
** [[https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails911/chemtrails/100_3171_jpg.jpeg.html|Picture of the day]] - Notice the inclination and sudden change of heading... Picture was taken ±7h00 EDT on 2010-07-14 in Laval (Quebec).
* 2010-07-17: Radio reporter at 07h11 AM reported sightings of a 'red sky' and used the words 'smog alert' to describe the phenomenon.
##  * Later, the reporter even advised to "not look at the sky" during the 'smog alert'.
* 2010-07-19: Albedo index in Laval is ±7 on a 1-10 scale. Impossible to see thru deep accumulation of cirrus clouds, for the 3rd day in a row, since 2010-07-17.
* 2010-07-25: Lost my camera. End of investigation for this summer until I can get another one.
** Albedo index still elevated during whole week. Outside temperature for july is around +20 degrees celcius (avg.).
* '''2010-08-01: Yet another intense day of covert operations spraying unknown, unsafe, and unwanted substances in the lower atmosphere (stratosphere).'''
** 1 (one) unidentified flying object was sighted. The 'ufo' seems to have the ability to make aerial maneuvers while using some kind of 'cloaking' device.
** The 'ufo' seems to like hiding and fade beneath cirrus clouds.
** At least 2 (two) types of unidentified aerosol was observed.
** At least 10 (ten) distinct trails observed.
** Time of observation: from 11h00am to 18h35pm EDT (-0400).
** A witness reported that aircrafts involved in the covert operations are heading east.
* 2010-08-03: Completely overcast day (albedo=±8) with multiple layers of 'tropospheric' clouds. 
** Elevated relative humidity (rH=75)
* 2010-08-11: Morning chemtrails sighted.
** At least 2 (two) different trails observed between 0800-0831 EDT.
** Radio 'journalist' reported with great details the high possibility of 'fog' this morning. The exact word used to describe the phenomenon was 'brouillard' instead of 'smog'.
** Cognitive dissonance may be the result of prolonged mental conditioning, television watching, and brainwashing (mind control).
** A possible effect of cognitive dissonance is the incapacity for citizens (adults) to recognize the imminent danger/threat in the persistent contrails phenomenon and to act responsibly in face of such danger. Thus, the result of fear-driven policies further makes Canada a highly hazardous place to live right now, unless a public investigation on PCs and immediate withdrawal of foreign military operations in Quebec and Canada is done without conditions.
** Observed at least two (2) different aircraft-like UFOs (Unidentified flying object).
** Description of sightings: Two different high-altitude flying objects in opposite directions, spraying the usual dense, white aerosol substance (unidentified).
** Emits a very unperceptible sound while moving,
** follows a steady linear trajectory.
** --Reflective material (reflect/and or absorb light, as a result of photooxidation with Barium salts??)--
** Aircraft looking like: unknown/white KC-135??
** '''Comments on theses aircraft-like UFOs are welcome.'''
** See also: http://www.genocidewatch.org/aboutgenocide/8stagesofgenocide.html
* '''2010-08-22: Second day of intense '''tropospheric-like''' clouds, after the spray of unknown aerosols that occurred on 2010-08-18 and 2010-08-19.'''
** Albedo index at ±8 on a 1-10 scale. (completely overcast)
** Temperature: 18 degree celcius (22 August 2010)
** Relative Humidity: +88%
* 2010-08-27: More PCs and at least 2 (two) unidentified (UFOs) observed.
** Time: 06h00-06h56 AM EDT (-0400)
** Grid-like pattern observed: yes
** Radio host 98.5 FM 'informed' citizens about a nice day (but nothing about morning chemtrails).
** '''This is a without a doubt a form of psychological/programmed control to coerce people in NOT recognizing the PCs as a dangerous phenomenon!'''
** Keywords: cognitive dissonance, mind control, slavery, genocide
** The gravity of thoses terrorism acts committed on peaceful and unarmed citizens should be sufficient to invoke a high-treason crime on the Canadian constitution by thoses doing it.
** More waiting will only make things worse.
** Today's "UFO" pics: https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails-volume2/chemtrails-volume2/p8270157_jpg.jpeg.html
** https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails-volume2/chemtrails-volume2/p8270158_jpg.jpeg.html
** As i know this picture is authentic, you can compare with pictures of "orbs" [[http://www.orbwar.com/holographic-jet-orb-chemsprayer.htm|here]].
* 2010-08-31: Environnement Canada is the agency that sends the "smog" forecast, according to 98.5 FM.
* 2010-09-01: No PCs observed during second declared 'heat period'. (2)
** Can heat be generated from persisting or active [[ElectroSmog]] ?
** [[https://gthc.org/investigations/chemtrails911/chemtrails/100_2766_jpg.jpeg.html|Barium clouds]] to heat transfer is likely a side-effect from persisting contrails aerosols (Barium, Strontium, etc).
** Can heat be generated from Multi-hop whistler-mode ELF/ VLF triggered emissions ? (see [[HAARP]])
** Two (2) drought/extreme heat periods. Two distinct events of the disparition of visible persistent contrails. The first one occured between 2010-06 and 2010-07.
** Interesting read: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_nonlethalweapons12.htm
** ''Think about a regular laser - the energy travels through a gas chamber to become the laser beam. __Ionized clouds are created by barium being "vaporized" with electromagnetics and then heated by UV from the sun.__''
* 2010-09-07: Disinformation is "business as usual" for the media controlled entertainers, and they're enjoying being paid (i.e: receive incomes) for keeping the masses in the dark and poorly informed on the mecanics of weather control operating agaisnt us. (See also: [[SNAFU]], [[Disinformation]], [[Courage]])
** D'où l'expression populaire en français: ''Faire de l'argent en vendant les droits et libertés d'autruis!'' prend toute ça signification lorsque des gens profitent et obtiennent des revenus de cette désinformation et préparation au génocide. (Polarisation de la société en différentes classes de citoyens: les profiteurs et les profités...)
* 2010-09-07: au moins 10 à 12 traces d'objets volants non-identifiés au dessus de Laval. Beaucoup d'activités et d'épandage de cette substance blanchâtre, et persistente.
** Le soleil semble procurer une énergie electromagnetique naturelle afin de dissiper ces nuages de Barium en de fines particules, pour retomber sous forme de pluie.
** Des tests et une analyse qualitative de l'eau de pluie reste à faire.
* 2010-09-09: Albedo index at ±8 from 6h00am to 6h00pm EDT. (±12 hours)
** Multiple layers of tropospheric-like clouds (see CloudSeeding)
** Low sunlight/overcast for extended period (±12 hours privation of natural day light)
* 2010-09-16: Another low-sunlight/overcast day (Albedo index at ±4-5)
** Outside temperature: 12 degree celcius
** It seems trospopheric-like clouds are being seeded at a lower altitude than regular commercial planes, which are flying at a higher altitude.
** At least 2nd day in row with very low natural sunlight.
** A public statement from the governments on the covert operations executed by foreign states would not be considered an affront.
* '''2010-09-18: see [[PersistentContrailsReport20100918]]'''
* 2010-09-24: At least third day with albedo index at ±7. (completely overcast)
* 2010-09-27: Natural sunlight for more than 1 hours (albedo index at ±1, 11:14am EDT)
** At least one (1) visible unidentified flying object sighted, spraying unknown white-ish aerosol substance. The aerosol substance is probably a chemical compound/mixture of Barium and Aluminium oxide and others (Hydrogen Fluoride ?) [xx]
** First "UFO" reappearance since 2010-09-18, spraying white-ish aerosol substance after the most recent episode of induced darkness/global dimming.
** It would be interesting to compares the average hours of daylight in September from 2004 to 2010.
* 2010-09-29:
** Symptoms I had all day were:
** Headache
** Loss of appetite
** Low energy
** Fatigue (tiredness)
** Many visible layers of tropospheric-like clouds and very low sunlight (albedo at 6)
** '''XXX: However, the altitude in Montreal (~52m) is not elevated enough from the sea level to have such clouds naturally.'''
** For example, stratospheric clouds in Japan occurs naturally at ~1000m above the sea level.
** At least 2 (two) unknown aerosol trails observed with elevated inclination/altitude
* 2010-09-30: 2x more rain fall out in September 2010 compared to annual average? (Source: 98.5 FM)
* 2010-10-01: At least 50 to 80mm received during 2010-09-31. __However the medias continue to fail to accurately inform and relate the massive rain fall out with the spraying operations events, that occurred a few days before the rain fall out__... I suspect that the rain accumulated in theses fake 'cirrus' clouds thus explaining the massive amount of precipitations received using man-made acid rain and storms.
** If the medias are unable to properly inform and educate the population, then they're serving well the purpose of the covert spraying operations which are real and very few individuals seems to be aware of, then it should be really hard to explain them how such meteorological phenomenons can happen at the first place!
* 2010-10-06: Albedo index at ±7. (overcast and acid rain fall out)
** Outside temperature: 12 degrees celcius.
** Low sunlight, multiple layers of 'tropospheric-like' clouds..
** __N.B: A weather report who dismiss the tactical electrospraying operations is incomplete and falsified.__
* '''2010-10-13''': Ridiculous, outrageous, and totally unacceptable sightings of civilian-military operations (CMO) on civilian territory, in Quebec, Montreal, and Laval.
** At least a dozen (12) observed phenomenons of unknown flying objects (UFO) releasing unknown aerosols at 20,000 alt.
** At least 3 symbolic "X" patterns of unknown aerosols was visible to eye sight over Laval.
** Operations are believed to start as early as 4h00 am.
** Shall the mind control stuff not work, or become disrupted in some ways, people would believe that such undercover operations are true terrorism acts and would act upon more responsibly. In other words, a psychological warfare is raging on for people to understand such things happening.
* '''2010-10-26 to 2010-10-28''': Multiple "diffused smog alert/days"
** constant half-true meterological reports, repeating psychological-like subliminal messages using commercial radio. :-)
** albedo index at +8. (avg) (completely overcast)
* '''2010-11-11 to 2010-11-12''': All day operations sightings in Montreal.
** "media blackout" in effect..
** at least twenty (20) distinct observations of unknown "aircraft-like" objects
** 2 types of distinct objects (UFO)
** white KC-130 like, (i)
** unidentified drone or orb like (ii)
** no black lines were observed
** Many witnesses also reported the same observations..
* 2010-12-2: Very low sunlight day (a)
* 2010-12-12: programmed "thunderstorm" with heavy rainfall (b)
* 2010-12-24 to 2011-01-01: Programmed "smog" public alert matches the end of aerosol sprayings operations that happened on dec 24-25 2010.
** Multiple spraying operations observed. See our security advisory https://gthc.org/wiki/PersistentContrailsReport20101224
** Relative humidity (RH) on January 1 2011 at 06h37 AM EDT: 100%
** Temperature (outdoor): 5degree celcius
** Yet Environment Canada continue broadcasting multiple "smog" alerts but refuse to disclose public information about persistent contrails operations. Therefore this agency is either truely incompetent or in conflict of interests as its failing to properly inform the civilians on the risks and origins of the so-called persistent "smog" condition.
=== 2011 ===
* 2011-01-04: multiple cases of rare? A(!H3N2) influenza reported in Quebec by a doctor advocating for H1N1 vaccination..##
** can the chem trails operations be linked to the virus mutation ?
** If yes, could the infections be caused by opportunistic bacterias (biofilms) release within the unknown aerosols ?
** http://www.news-medical.net/news/20101025/New-research-shows-flu-virus-with-D222G-mutation-can-cause-pneumonia.aspx
* 2011-01-27: extreme low light period resulted in mild depression, observable mood disorders, and repeated headaches. symptoms matched the public advisory of another "smog alert".
** influenza activity and influence of the (linked) persistent contrails phenomenon: https://gthc.org/investigations/h1n1_investigation/PF11_PB2_0613.jpg
** continous dimming and reflection of sunlight suggests that the spraying operations are being repeated daily to artificially creates "stratospheric" like clouds when the geographical position, latitude, and climate doesn't naturally allow it.
* 2011-02-24: moderate chemtrails day, resuming after 1/2 days clear sky break period.
** The dog is having mood swing issues (anxiety?) when the sky is overcast by artificial clouds and unknown aerosols.
** Albedo index: +8 (Overcast)
* 2011-05-24: chemtrails during daytime, visible from Montreal.
** Huge x patterns observed.
** observed mood swings issues with the dog.
** The frequency of the spraying operations is more intense than in May 2010.
** Color is white/grey and the chemical composition looks like a mix of metallic particles to "rain out HF" ?. 
** unusual headache and fatigue during the evening (+8 hours after spraying operation)
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