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Primer on ADA, CAP, CES, and CAMK2G (KCC2G) : An advanced AHL (light/energy) activated riboswitch and psychochemical agent using orthogonal (synthetic) recombinase promoters

  • EC ref
  • also named Adenosine deaminase CECR1
  • Uniprot accession number Q9NZK5 - Check this! Also you may want to verify rs2231495 for hints about the relevance of auxotrophic genes (alternative splicing) in the phylogenetical evolution of CES.

Positively matching SNPs (clinical data)

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Parkinson disease/CES tristable riboswitch device abstraction

  • A Parkinson/CES disease "riboswitch" is a AHL-activated (Acyl-Homoserine-Lactone) xenobiotic compound (recombinase system) modulating Ca2+/Mg2+ (CAM2KG) specific ions channel to activate RNA polymerase transcription and controlled DNA release of the V. Fischeri specific "LuxR" protein: a functional beta-amyloid ligand regulated by the EnvZ (OmpR) gene.
  • See also Featured_Parts:Light_Sensor. [ENVZ, CAMK2G, RIBOSWITCH]
  • See also Mind control: An introduction movie to optogenetics from the BBC.
  • See also the relevant entry for EnvZ here.
  • Accession number (E.coli K-12 MG1655 substr): "EG10269".
  • Full data available here.
  • See also the histidine kinase entry (EC here.
  • Get the latest BLAST results for EG10269 here.


  • ADA
  • AHL
  • BPA
  • CES
  • recombinase
  • CAMK2G
  • Calmodulin
  • LuxR
  • EnvZ
  • PC
  • ATP
  • LacZ
  • PD - Parkinson disease
  • cAMP
  • riboswitch
  • polymerase,
  • RNA
  • NMDA
  • trans-splicing