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atc vs IPTG


  • tetR (tetracycline resistance gene) + LacR (Lactose resistance gene; LacZ) bistable toggle switch: "TL phage lambda"
  • Definition of "lysogen" (Wikipedia): "A lysogen or lysogenic phage is a phage that can exist as a DNA in its dormant state (prophage) within its host organism. A prophage is either integrated into the host bacteria's chromosome or more rarely exists as a stable plasmid within the host cell. The prophage expresses gene(s) that repress the phage's lytic action, until this suppression is disrupted (see lytic cycle). Currently a variety of studies are being conducted to see whether other genes are active during lysogeny, examples of which include phage-encoded tRNA and virulence genes." 1
  • IPTG acts as LacR promoter => prophage positive regulation !
  • aTc (tetR): a strong promoter (in contrast to araBAD/pLacZ) !!
  • DNA promoter ratio/balance is important key factor to consider !!!
  • 5832 combinations possible.. (TL3'?)
  • grow lytically in the absence of IPTG...
  • "The original plan for our project was to model the dynamics of the spread of an epidemic within a population. We hoped to make a multi-scale model of epidemic spread and test it in a model population..."
  • "The results may have implications for competence induction in H. influenzae too."
  • B. subtilis:
  • H. influenza:
  • TL3' = GAT TCT
  • strong promoter (tetR) repress weak promoter.. (lacZ)
  • PC = PHP ?
  • piperidine derived protection groups (Tris-HCl, Fmoc, dA, TX100) ??
  • piperidine + curcuma longa = chilly and spicy ingredient with Indian flavor ! (For best results stir well piperidine with curi in a meal or soup!)
  • >= 7.5min = Minimal time needed for TL3' to enter irreversible lytic phase (ie prophage lysogenic induction state)