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== Measuring the amplitude of the synthetic reagent lysis TE buffer on NMDA receptor ==
* Date: 2012/12/03 10:29 AM EDT 
* Organism: E. coli (K-12 substr.)
* Strain: MG1655(?)
=== Hypothesis ===
Amine protection groups (piperidine based) undergo chiral nucleophilic substitution on Histidine based autophosphorylation.
=== Experiment ===
==== Material ====
* 1 x 10ml TE = TAE -> 10x buffer (Tris-HCl) (see [TE]
==== Expected results ====
* '''Amine''' protection groups = piperidine derived compound (NH2 undergo nucleophilic substitution on Histidine based autophosphorylation)
* a heterocyclic base-labile group (NHC?)
* [[IPTG]] inducible promoter: DNA lambda prophage induction (Transformation or mutation from lytic lacZ-repressed state to lysogenic!)
==== References ====
* [https://www.openwetware.org/wiki/TE TE]

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