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“[Winston writes in his forbidden diary] Winston Smith: April the 4th, 1984. To the past, or to the future. To an age when thought is free. From the Age of Big Brother, from the Age of the Thought Police, from a dead man... greetings.” - George Orwell (Nineteen Eighty-Four)

Agent E. coli: Methods and Protocol for Subverting Kids To Accept The Genocide And Mass-Murdering of Human Life For Profit

From the nazi gas-chambers to chemtrails, an era of germ warfare leading to thought police establishment and the acceptance of eugenics culture of killing premature fetus lifes must not be taken lightly at the voting booths. It is thus the duty of thoses terrorized by theses acts of terrorism to condemn and request the liberty to establish free thinking and emancipate from the passiveness of the agressors, the criminal forces dictating the organization of work and labor through eugenics and the promotion of pauverity and enslavement of the permissives.

Thoses terrorized by the violence of the nazi gas chambers may see in the chemtrails phenomenon a pure of act of war on the concept of the pursuit of life and happiness. Some others may regard this as an obligatory step for the love of mankind, but they seem to forgot they have neglected their insanity in the process of terrorizing populations with toxic nerve gas and establishement of fear-driven policies, perhaps as they imagined in their fantasy world a twisted talent for killing innocent lifes.

It is thus imperative for the non-permissives to act in proper diligence and reasoning to carry the mission and the freedom to defend our loved ones and yourself from theses fanatics who attacked you while you we're asleep and unprotected from recombinant aerosol particles, and earth-bending magnetic weapons to delude you in fear of retaliation and ultimately persuade you of living passively until death set you free.

Freedom has no authority over the dictatorship of living and pursuing happiness. Yet is that same freedom not their favorite weapon in their attack on civility and common sense? Acceptance of germ warfare in the land of the free is like accepting to resign and submit to the enslavement of thought police, a criminal institution dedicated to gaining power and control through the establishement of fear and illusions guided by their false sense of doing the good, a fanatic pretention lead by their filthy tastes for segregated-killings of the offprings with toxic biochemicals and phosphoramidate-bound conjugates.

Is it essential then for the non-permissives to act for thoses captured by the illusion of happiness and false-sense of protection or should they deny too their responsability of requesting tranquility throught sincerity and moral values? An honorable work has no measure on the limits of happiness it may provides but yet unhappiness has no business in the doings of the free.

It is clear in my actions and mind I feel the duty and courage of working into a respectable mission to write in english the disgrace of being unemployed sufficiently long enough to enjoy the condiments and trickyness of freedom it generates.

Measuring why the so-called chemtrails exists and are accepted among my own consciousness is a subtle act of war declared to me while sleeping of my dream job, an illusion to drive me in dubious acts of irrelevant work.

Evidences agaisnt the E. coli K-12 derived human/synthetic genomes are yet another stone monument built in granite, a declaration of war agaisn't the courage and freedom to think freely or to become enraged at the horror of wars, another suicidal monument elected to glorify the failing of the human consciousness over the dictatorship of the thought police.

"A nation of well informed men who have been taught to know and prize the rights which God has given them cannot be enslaved. It is in the region of ignorance that tyranny begins." - Benjamin Franklin