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Agent Ecoli


Long-term bioaerosols spraying on unwary citizens may act as genetic trojan horse for unethical horizontal gene transfer and recombineering on domestic populations in Quebec.




Introduction to Agent E. coli and chemical warfare

  • Definition of Agent E.coli
    • Basic description
    • Geopolitical background
  • Why is the term "chemtrails" inappropriate to describe domestic chemical warfare ?

It is my belief the "chemtrails" term is inappropriate to coherently define the existence of a long-term spraying operation of biologically active aerosols over my city. I believe the "chemtrails" terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists to examine the evidences towards the inclusion of mobile genetic elements being transfered into the human genome.

Agent E. coli mecanics: Fundamental elements of domestic chemical warfare

  • Synthetic biology and reverse/forward DNA transcription
    • luxR: Introduction to the Phosphohistidine transferase genetic switch

DNA evidences of synthetic nucleosides analogues are in the products

  • dual input DNA promoters, heterocyclics, organocatalysts, and phosphoramidates-based nucleosides
  • Plasmid addiction systems
    • Tools (softwares): Ape (A Plasmid Editor), gibthon (a django-based web application)
    • cDNA synthesis (RNAP)

Gibson assembly method

  • Quote from the website: "Bill Collins contributed the development of a series of web-based tools for DNA assembly, including Gibthon - a software tool for automated design of the oligonucleotides required for Gibson Assembly." [1]
    • [2009-2010. see also the Team:Cambridge website for yet more connections to V. fischeri, a marine organism which expresses bioluminescence in dark environments.]
    • Hopefully we sought not to encounter V. fischeri genes into elephants (or fast-running mouses!) except perhaps into Cambridge, USA: [2]
  • See also Gibson Assembly, pSB3K3, BBa_J69512
  • In summary, the Gibson assembly protocol provides an automated environment for template DNA synthesis (oligonucleotides) using a web-based interface written in Django for horizontal gene transfers into multi-plasmid cloning vectors such as the pSB3K3 plasmid.

Forensic evidences of nitrogenous derived gene delivery on domestic civilian populations is a provocative and deliberate act of war on civilian liberties

  • Case-study of M13K07 derived genome engineering using site-directed mutagenesis