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= Agent Ecoli =  
= Agent Ecoli: The whys and wherefores of Angel Dust is in the product. =  

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Agent Ecoli: The whys and wherefores of Angel Dust is in the product.


Long-term bioaerosols spraying may promote a genetic trojan horse for unethical gene transfer and recombineering on civilian populations in Quebec using chemoselective nerve agents, PCP-derived reagents, and organophosphate-based compounds.




Introduction to Agent E. coli

  • Definition of Agent E.coli
    • Basic description
    • Geopolitical background
    • Why is the term "chemtrails" inappropriate to describe domestic chemical warfare ?
      • It is my belief the "chemtrails" term is inappropriate to coherently define the existence of a long-term spraying operation of biologically active aerosols over my city. I believe the "chemtrails" terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists to examine the evidences towards the inclusion of mobile genetic elements being transfered into the human genome.
    • Classification/Taxonomy
      • Agent E.coli 1.0:
        • Class: Nitrogenous-derived nerve precursor agent. Exogenous compound (Military grade). Organophosphate based pesticide (phosphoramidate). Oil-in-water (O/W) nanoemulsion (Lysis Buffer reagents includes Triton X-100, Tween 80, Tris-HCl). Nitrogenous derived heterocyclic carbene (NHC).

Agent E. coli mecanics: Fundamental elements of domestic chemical warfare

  • Synthetic biology and reverse/forward DNA transcription
    • luxR: Introduction to the Phosphohistidine transferase genetic switch

DNA evidences of synthetic nucleosides analogues are in the products

  • dual input DNA promoters, heterocyclics, organocatalysts, and phosphoramidates-based nucleosides
  • Plasmid addiction systems
    • Tools (softwares): Ape (A Plasmid Editor), gibthon (a django-based web application)
    • cDNA synthesis (RNAP)

Gibson assembly method

  • Quote from the synbio.org.uk website: "Bill Collins contributed the development of a series of web-based tools for DNA assembly, including Gibthon - a software tool for automated design of the oligonucleotides required for Gibson Assembly." [1]
    • [2009-2010. see also the Team:Cambridge website for yet more connections to V. fischeri, a marine organism which expresses bioluminescence in dark environments.]
    • Hopefully we sought not to encounter V. fischeri genes into elephants (or fast-running mouses!) except perhaps into Cambridge, USA: [2]
  • See also Gibson Assembly, pSB3K3, BBa_J69512
  • In summary, the Gibson assembly protocol provides an automated environment for template DNA synthesis (oligonucleotides) using a web-based interface written in Django for horizontal gene transfers into multi-plasmid cloning vectors such as the pSB3K3 plasmid.

Forensic evidences of nitrogenous derived gene delivery on domestic civilian populations is a provocative and deliberate act of war on civilian liberties

  • Case-study of M13K07 derived genome engineering using site-directed mutagenesis