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= Agent Ecoli: The whys and wherefores of Angel Dust is in the product. =
'''Notice: This page is outdated - For updates about Agent Ecoli and documentation about 1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolines derivatives, see [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Arylcyclohexylamines|Arylcyclohexylamines]].'''
== Overview ==
* Long-term bioaerosols spraying (ie TL3')
* XXX: may carry a '''epigenetic trojan horse''' ?
* TL = toggle bistable switch / circuit
=== summary ===
Keywords: DNA methylation, cDNA, deoxyoligonucleotides, ribosomes, phosphatase (PAP2-like), Phosphohistidine regulation, Agent Dust, Agent Wet, PCP, Benzoyl, PHP, PC, lysogens, lytic cycle, trojan, horse, epygenetics, elephants, E. coli, K-12, MG1655, Agent Scooby Doo, aspartic acid (NMDA receptor)
== Introduction ==
* [http://www.openwetware.org/wiki/User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Agent_Ecoli:Introduction A beginner introduction to Agent E. coli (Start here)]
== Concepts ==
=== Introduction to Agent E. coli ===
* Definition of Agent E.coli
** Basic description
** Geopolitical background
** Why is the term "chemtrails" inappropriate to describe domestic chemical warfare ?
*** It is my belief the "chemtrails" term is inappropriate to coherently define the existence of a long-term spraying operation of biologically active aerosols over my city. I believe the "chemtrails" terminology is in addition part of a propaganda scheme to deceit further independent scientists to examine the evidences towards the inclusion of mobile genetic elements being transfered into the human genome.
** Classification/Taxonomy
*** '''Agent E.coli 1.0''':
**** Class:  Nitrogenous-derived [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nerve_agent nerve precursor agent]. Exogenous compound (Military grade). Organophosphate based pesticide (phosphoramidate). Oil-in-water (O/W) nanoemulsion (Lysis Buffer reagents includes Triton X-100, Tween 80, Tris-HCl). Nitrogenous derived heterocyclic carbene (NHC).
=== Agent E. coli mecanics: Fundamental elements of domestic chemical warfare ===
* Primer 1 : '''Mutant protein delivery and reverse/forward DNA transcription "circuits", light-activated exogenous promoters (luxR)''':
** N-methyl substituted transferase synthetic reagents (specialized O-ribosomes): [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/30C6HSL|30C6HSL]]
** Schiff bases, LuxR and RNA transducing Mitogen Activated Protein Kinase (MAPK) specialized proteins, see [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Schiff_base|here]] and [http://www.chem.ucalgary.ca/courses/351/Carey5th/Ch25/ch25-3-2.html here].
* Primer 2 : '''Synthetic transcription/translation functions of Agent E.coli, a light-activated orthogonal riboswitch to induce mutant protein acquisition'''
and repression of the envZ gene through Calmodulin-mediated ion (osmolitic) dimers:
** [[User:Etienne_Robillard/Notebook/Agent_Ecoli|AgentEcoli:ToggleSwitchComponent]]
** PHP1T gene (Human phosphotransferase): http://www.uniprot.org/uniprot/Q9NRX4
** Keywords: Heterocyclic oxazole (carbenes), 30C6HSL, RNA, calmodulin, protein, kinase, cAMP, riboswitch, Imine (Schiff base)
** Categories: Pharmaceutical intermediates, Exogenous bacterial (type II) promoters, Acyl-Homoserine Lactone, Quorum Sensing, Protein expression
** By FW and GO accession code: FW:420918
=== DNA evidences of synthetic nucleosides analogues are in the products ===
* dual input DNA promoters, heterocyclics, organocatalysts, and phosphoramidates-based nucleosides
* Plasmid addiction systems
** Tools (softwares): Ape (A Plasmid Editor), gibthon (a django-based web application)
** cDNA synthesis (RNAP)
==== Gibson assembly method ====
* Quote from the synbio.org.uk website: "Bill Collins contributed the development of a series of web-based tools for DNA assembly, including Gibthon - a software tool for automated design of the oligonucleotides required for Gibson Assembly." [[http://www.synbio.org.uk/dna-assembly/guidetogibsonassembly.html 1]]
** [2009-2010. see also the Team:Cambridge website for yet more connections to V. fischeri, a marine organism which expresses bioluminescence in dark environments.]
** Hopefully we sought not to encounter V. fischeri genes into elephants (or fast-running mouses!) except perhaps into Cambridge, USA: [[http://2010.igem.org/Team:Cambridge/Bioluminescence/G28 2]]
* See also [http://openwetware.org/wiki/Haynes:Gibson_Assembly Gibson Assembly], pSB3K3, BBa_J69512
* In summary, the Gibson assembly protocol provides an automated environment for template DNA synthesis (oligonucleotides) using a web-based interface written in Django for horizontal gene transfers into multi-plasmid cloning vectors such as the '''pSB3K3''' plasmid.
=== Forensic evidences of nitrogenous derived gene delivery on domestic civilian populations is a provocative and deliberate act of war on civilian liberties  ===
* Case-study of M13K07 derived genome engineering using site-directed mutagenesis

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