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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

Etienne Robillard (an artistic interpretation)

I'm a independent student occupying my past times on researching organic chemistry, molecular biology, and environmental sciences.

I've joined OpenWetWare to allow easy publishing and archiving of my current research topics on the Internet.


  • 1999, College Diploma, Cegep Montmorency, Laval Quebec (Visual Arts)

Research interests

  1. Software programming and web development using Python :)
  2. Medicinal applications of the Cannabis plant and roles of the cannabinoid system
  3. Glycoproteins based protein folding/unfolding factors
  4. case study: bacterial quorum sensing factors in S. marcescens (GCN-5 specific, EC, Horizontal Gene Transfer, NAT1, NAT2)
  5. Scientific literacy


  1. User:Etienne Robillard/Notebook/Chemtrails911_notebook: Notebook for studying and investigating the so-called "chemtrails" phenomenon.


  1. Reference 1..10

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