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Heather Etchevers


Short CV

1992 Wellesley College, Massachusetts (USA)
1998 Ph.D. University of California at Berkeley, California (USA)
1999 Ph.D. Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6 (equivalence for France)
1999-2002 Postdoc with N. Le Douarin at the IECM, Nogent-sur-Marne, France
2002-2003 Postdoc with S. Lyonnet and M. Vekemans, INSERM, Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris, France
since 2003 Group leader (Avenir), Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris, France
2004 Chargé de recherche, INSERM

This is a picture of chicken embryos. On the left, unoperated. The right two frames show degrees of synophthalmia and holoprosencephaly (with reduction of forebrain tissue) in cephalic neural crest-ablated subjects. The forebrain territory itself had not been operated. This demonstrates that neural crest cells are vital to the survival of the telencephalon and much of the diencephalon. The effect is a phenocopy of interfering with the Sonic hedgehog signaling cascade either through gene mutations or teratogen exposure.


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