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Emre Ruhi

Emre is an undergraduate student at the University of Virginia and is the biologist for the Virginia Genetically Engineered Machine (VGEM) Team. He is a third-year biology major and philosophy minor and thus spends most of his time in laboratories conducting science experiments and then thinking, "Why?"



  • Resident Advisor in first-year residential dorms
  • Brother of Phi Society Fraternity
  • Echols Scholar
  • Teaching Assistant for a course in Emergency Clinical Medicine
  • His independent research is focused on understanding circadian behavior in the female hypothalamo-pituitary-gonadal axis. It incorporates a range of fields from cellular biology, neuroscience/surgery, genetics, and immunocytochemistry.
  • Years of tutoring and teaching, from one on one interaction to large classes.
  • Emergency Medicine Academic Associate. Direct contact with patients and real patient care by shadowing the attending physician’s and residents in the University of Virginia Hospital Emergency Department. Additionally, he collects research data on topics including patient satisfaction, IV insertion, and dental pain.
  • Alternative Spring Break participant. Specifically, volunteering in an orphanage and local schools in the Dominican Republic.


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