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=== Travel ===
=== Travel ===
I try to limit my professional travel to one trip per month.  Below are my current commitments.  Green = I have nothing bookedYellow = I've hit my quota.  Red = Please don't ask me to travel unless it is a national emergency; telephone and video conferencing can be great.
I'm trying to limit my professional travel.  I like phone and video-via-web.
*<font color="yellow">March '10</font>
*<font color="red">April '10</font>
*<font color="yellow">May '10</font>
*<font color="yellow">June '10</font>
*<font color="green">July '10</font>
*<font color="green">August '10</font>
*<font color="yellow">September '10</font>
*<font color="yellow">October '10</font>
**Harvey Mudd
*<font color="yellow">November '10</font>
*<font color="green">December '10</font>
*<font color="green">January '11</font>
*<font color="green">February '10</font>

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Drew Endy (安特專)

  print "Go meta."
if (competition == none) then
print "Incremental utility has infinite advantage."

Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, Stanford University
Contact via: email
Lab website: http://endy.web.stanford.edu
Y2E2-269B, MC4200
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 723-7027


  • Immediate: Enable engineering of genetically encoded memory
  • Long-term: Make biology easy to engineer
  • Social: Support overwhelmingly responsible and constructive development and application of biological technologies


I'm trying to limit my professional travel. I like phone and video-via-web.