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==Contact Info==
==Contact Info==
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Elizabeth Polidan (an artistic interpretation)]]
[[Image:OWWEmblem.png|thumb|right|Elizabeth Polidan (an artistic interpretation)]]
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[[Media:Notes_HW1.pdf|Homework 1 Notes]]

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Contact Info

Elizabeth Polidan (an artistic interpretation)


  • 2015, BS, Biomathematics, Loyola Marymount University

Course work

  • Biochemistry & Cell Physiology
  • Conservation Biology Seminar
  • Principles of Evolution
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Biomathematical Modeling (current)
  • Biomathematics Research
  • Data Structures
  • Unix and shell programming
  • C Programming

Research interests

Sea Jelly
  1. Stochastic modeling
  2. Agent-based modeling
  3. Energy budgets

I have been working with Professor Fitzpatrick on a model of the energy budget of a spider.

My Interests in Biology and Mathematics

  • My favorite aspect of biology is the fact that everything is connected and inter-dependent. I love the complexity.
  • My favorite aspect of mathematics is that you can use it as a tool to understand the world, from ecosystems to social interactions to physics.

Career Interests

Work somewhere to apply my analytical skills to a variety of problems.

Concerns and Information of Note

  1. My one concern is that I had cell biology and biochemistry a loooong time ago. I hope that does not affect my ability to understand the biology content.
  2. I do not know of anything else I would like the instructors to know. Except, perhaps, that I'm excited about this course!

My Links

Course Homepage

Course Links


Week 1


Shared Journal Week 1

Fun Links

Earth Science Picture of the Day

Useful links


Homework 1 Notes