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Make PVOH hydrogels using isopropanol


  • 4 hydrogels were prepared. 2 were made using PVOH MW = 22,000, while the other two were made using PVOH MW = 146,000 - 186,000. For each molecular weight, one hydrogel was made with isopropanol alone, and one was made with isopropanol + glutaraldehyde. The amounts of isopropanol used is the same as in previous trials.
  1. Measure out 2 samples of 1 g PVOH (MW = 22,000) and 2 samples of 1 g PVOH (MW = 146,000 - 186,000)
  2. Dissolve in 20 mL water (Dissolve on heat)
  3. Once dissolved, 0.0174 mL isopropanol was added to each sample. The samples were allowed to stir for a few minutes.
  4. 1 mL glutaraldehyde was added to the 2 hydrogels that are isopropanol + glut
  5. The hydrogels were placed in the freezer for 24 hours


  • No data was collected today.


  • After an hour or so, the PVOH still had not dissolved, so the samples were transferred into larger beakers and an additional 10 mL water was added (total volume = 30 mL)