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To prepare new films containing phenol, to purify the quaternary ammonium salt prepared on Monday, and to take an NMR of the purified salt.


Phenol Film Calculations

Phenol Film Preparations

  1. Prepare the 10% film by dissolving 0.214 g phenol and 1 g PVOH in 10 mL water.
  2. Allow to dissolve on the hot plate, then add 1 mL glutaraldehyde, allow to stir for 2-3 minutes, then pour into an evaporating dish and allow to dissolve over the weekend.
  3. Prepare a stock solution of 0.214 g phenol in 10 mL water.
  4. Allow to dissolve.

Quaternary Ammonium Salt Purification

  1. Turn off the heat on the round bottom flask containing the reaction and remove from the heating mantle.
  2. Fill a beaker with 100 mL ethyl acetate.
  3. Place on ice.
  4. Add the product drop-wise
  5. Filter and collect precipitate.


No data was collected today.


  • The 10% film solidified before glutaraldehyde could be added, so it was discarded. A 7% film with 50 mL water was made to test the effects of the higher concentration while ensuring that the film does not solidify.
  • Two 1% films were prepared to test the effects of preparing in an Erlenmeyer flask vs. a beaker. The film prepared in the flask did not have bubbles, so this is the method that will be used from now on.
  • The 0.01% film was not prepared, because this concentration seems too low to be effective.