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To perform FTIR on the three evaporated samples from yesterday.


  1. Grind KBr crystals to obtain a fine powder.
  2. Divide the powder into 4 samples. One of the samples to be tested (70 molar ratio w/ dye, 166 molar ratio with dye, and BSA HCl with dye)was added to one of the 3 of the powder samples. The fourth sample did not have anything added to it and serve as a blank.
  3. The powders were compressed into pellets by using a pellet press
  4. The pressed pellets were then placed in the FTIR and spectra were taken


  • Add data and results here...


  • A KBr pellet was used, because the samples are not soluble in ethanol if dichloromethane.
  • Desired ratio of sample to KBr is 5%

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