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To determine the effects of ionic strength on AuNP solution and to continue to take UV-vis data over time of 70 Au/BSA solution synthesized on 01/31/11.


  1. Add 0.1 mL of tris buffer of varying dilutions (below) to 0.9 mL of AuNP.
    • 0.05 mM
    • 0.5 mM
    • 5.0 mM
    • 50 mM
    • 100 mM
    • 200 mM
    • 500 mM
    • 1 M


  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength for AuNP + varying dilutions of tris buffer:
Absorbance vs wavelength 2-22-12.png

Additions of concentrations of tris 50 mM or above causes an increase in absorbance and a small blue shift in peak wavelength.

  • Graph of absorbance vs wavelength over time for the 70 Au/BSA solution synthesized on 01/31/11.
Absorbance vs wavelength over time week 4.png
Peak absorbance vs time week 4.png

Absorbance values continue to increase over time.

Peak wavelength vs time week 4.png

However, peak wavelength has leveled off.