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==Contact Information==
==Contact Information==
===Dan Stoebel===
===[http://www.hmc.edu/academicsclinicresearch/academicdepartments/biology/facultystaff1/biofaculty1/stoebel.html Dan Stoebel]===
Department of Biology<br>
Department of Biology<br>
Harvey Mudd College<br>
Harvey Mudd College<br>

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Contact Information

Dan Stoebel

Department of Biology
Harvey Mudd College
Claremont, CA 91711

About me

I am interested in the evolution of regulatory networks in bacteria, and how horizontally acquired genes are integrated into those networks. Research in my lab in the Biology Department of Harvey Mudd College focues on the evolution of the RpoS regulon in E. coli and its close relatives. Before moving to Harvey Mudd, I held post-doctoral research positions with Tim Cooper at the University of Houston and with Charles Dorman at Trinity College, Dublin. I did my Ph.D. with Dan Dykhuizen at Stony Brook University. My undergraduate degree is from Pomona College.


D. M. Stoebel, and C. J. Dorman. 2010. The effect of mobile element IS10 on experimental regulatory evolution in Escherichia coli. Molecular Biology and Evolution In Press. Full Text

D. M. Stoebel, and D. E. Dykhuizen. 2010. Waste and yet want not. Molecular Cell, 38:625-626. Full Text

D. M. Stoebel, K. Hokamp, M. S. Last, and C. J. Dorman. 2009. Compensatory evolution of gene regulation in response to stress by E. coli lacking RpoS. PLoS Genetics 5: e1000671 Full Text

D. M. Stoebel, A. Free, and C. J. Dorman. 2008. Anti-silencing: overcoming H-NS-mediated repression of transcription in Gram-negative enteric bacteria. Microbiology, 154: 2533-2545. Full Text

D. M. Stoebel, A. M. Dean, and D. E. Dykhuizen. 2008. The cost of expression of Escherichia coli lac operon proteins is in the process, not in the products. Genetics, 178:1653-1660. Full Text

D. M. Stoebel. 2005. Lack of evidence for horizontal transfer of the lac operon into Escherichia coli. Molecular Biology and Evolution. 22:683-690. Full Text

M. Feldgarden, D. M. Stoebel, D. Brisson, and D.E. Dykhuizen. 2003. Size doesn't matter: microbial selection experiments address ecological questions. Ecology 84:1679-1687. Full Text

Protocols that I use

λ-red mediated recombination

Chloroquine gels

P1 transduction

P22 transduction

Quick and dirty electrocompotent cells

Making Intracellular Salts Medium