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Preparing [Ru(bpy)2(phen-IA)](PF6)2

  1. Calculations were made to determine how much (1,10)-Phenanthrolin-5-amine to use in this experiment.
  2. 500 mg of 0.0961 mmol Ru(bpy)2Cl2 and 207mg of 1.06 mmol (1,10)-Phenanthrolin-5-amine were refluxed in 25mL MeOH for about 3 hours with stirring. The solution changed from a dark purple to a orange-red during the reflux.

Calculating Mass of (1,10)-Phenanthrolin-5-amine

1000 mmol = 1 mol

195.22g/mol ÷ 1000mmol/mol = 0.19522 g/mmol

1.06mmol × 0.19522 g/mmol = 0.207 g or 207 mg


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