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Reaction of OPD+H2O2 with Mb Catalyst in Hexane Suspension

The procedurefor the reaction of OPD and H2O2 was followed using a Mb/Citrate and Mb/Tris catalyst and a hexane suspension. The reaction was run in a beaker with a stir bar and the solution was filtered before taking a spectrum.


Mb/Citrate in Hexane, Trial 2

Mb Citrate OPD H2O2 Hexane Trial2 WORKUP GRAPH.JPG

Mb/Tris in Hexane, Trial 2

Mb Tris OPD H2O2 Hexane Trial2 WORKUP GRAPH.JPG

Mb/Citrate in Hexane, Trial 3


Mb/Tris in Hexane, Trial 3