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  • Run UV-vis and Fluorescence on p-sorbitol in phosphate buffer and mannitol in tris buffer samples in either MeOH, acetone, acetonitrile, ethyl acetate, water, or chloroform.


  • 11.7mg mannitol in Tris buffer, solvent: MeOH
  • 10.0mg mannitol in Tris buffer, solvent: Acetone
  • 9.4mg p-sorbitol in phosphate buffer, solvent: MeOH
  • 10.1mg p-sorbitol in phosphate buffer, solvent: Acetone
  • all the mannitol in tris buffer samples were vortexed and centrifuged before being measured
  • Centrifuge settings were as follows:
    • 13200rpm
    • 0:16 seconds
    • 851 rotor
  • all the p-sorbitol in phosphate buffer samples were sonicated for 3 hours in their respective solvents.
  • Each solvent was used as a blank.
  • The data was corrected for the blank and a corrected baseline.
  • UV-vis scanned from 200-800nm
  • Fluorescence was run with an emission scan of 310-550nm at an excitation of 290nm and scan speed of 100nm/min.

Only MeOH and Acetone samples (for both mannitol in tris and p-sorbitol in phosphate) were run today. The rest of the samples will be run tomorrow.