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  • to make 4, 1L LB solutions in Fernbach flasks and 4, 35mL LB solutions in 250mL flasks,
  • to autoclave them for 1.5 hours, and
  • to add cells and antibiotics to the solutions.

In addition,

  • to remake luminol and HRP solutions, and
  • to rerun fluorescence at 510nm on the luminol, hydrogen peroxide, phenol, and HRP mixture.


*Preparing Starter Culture Media

    • 0.8752g, 0.8754g, 0.8751g, and 0.8756g of LB were added to four separate 250mL Erlenmeyer flasks.
    • 35.0mL H2O was added to each flask.
    • The flasks were covered with foil and labeled.

*Preparing Expression Culture Media

    • 25.0015g, 25.0013g, 24.9991g, and 24.9998g of LB were added to four separate Fernbach flasks.
    • 1.0L H2O was added to each flask.
    • The flasks were covered with foil and labeled.


    • The power was turned on
    • Water was poured into the chamber manually because the water pipe was clogged.
    • The black knob was set to STE (sterilize)
    • 2 Fernbach and 2 Erlenmeyer flasks were loaded into the chamber.
    • The autoclave door was closed and sealed shut.
    • The temperature was set to about 121°F
    • The autoclave was set to run for an hour.
    • After the hour had elapsed, the flasks were left to sit in the autoclave for 30 minutes so the pressure in the autoclave could return to atmospheric pressure.
    • The black know was turned to off
    • Gloves were used to unload the sterilized material.

*Preparing Luminol Solution

    • The same protocol as last week was used to prepare the luminol solution.
    • 0.00443g of luminol was measured out, so the calculations for actual concentration from last week are accurate.
    • Actual Concentration: 2.5 × 10-3 M in H2O.
    • 0.0800 grams of Sodium Carbonate was added to the luminol solution so that the luminol would dissolve in the solution.
    • 0.4800 grams of sodium bicarbonate was added to the solution to adjust the pH.

*Preparing HRP Solution

  • 1mg of HRP was added to 1mL water, creating a 23μM HRP solution.
  • The HRP was further diluted to 2.3μM by adding 1mL HRP solution to 9mL H2O.