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* The reagents were added in the following sequence:
** 1.78 mL of phosphate buffer
** 600 μL of 200 μM adenosine (final concentration 50 μM)
* This was allowed to mix through venting and placed on  the chamber for absorbance reading.
** 300 μL of phosphate buffer (or inhibitor dissolved in phosphate buffer)
** 300 μL of dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO) (or inhibitor dissolved in DMSO)
* The cuvette contents were mixed by venting and placed on the chamber for absorbance reading.
** 20 μL of adenosine deaminase (ADA) was added to catalyze the reaction
* The kinetics of the reaction was taken using the UVProbe software.
*Cuvette Mixture with Inhibitor
*Cuvette Mixture no Inhibitor
*Inhibitors Ran today:
* [[Image:409HistogramTable.png]]
* [[Image:409AverageVelocityHisto.png]]
* [[Image:409PercentChangeHisto.png]]
*Solution Preparation/Calculations: Catherine Koenigsknecht
*Cuvette preparation: Mary Mendoza
*Data Evaluation: Dhea Patel
*Overall Lab Assistance: Mike Nagle

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