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Remains of the Day

  • George asked me to find and grow up about 500 ml of the Stenotrophomonas that Amy had been using in her field work. After poking around a bit, I discovered that it was called "Stenotrophomonas spp. 3-14" [labelled as (14)?] and was isolated from healthy, non-TVD soil. Now to find it in the -80...
  • Inoculated 8 tomato plantlets per treatment with 20 ul/leaf of bacterial suspension at OD600=0.1 (with 0.1% Silwett) using a pipette. Will now try watch for two weeks for development of symptoms as they grow in the growth room under the tray covers.
  • Checked out real time PCR results for Vert from yesterday, and there was very erratic amplification. Most samples were empty of Vert and those that had were all over the map.