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Remains of the Day

  • Dave Rodriguez is gonna do 96 well colony PCR for me to sequence the potato endophytes (he's gonna wait til tommorow for 96 well plates to arrive)
  • Extracting the last of the growth room tomato root samples - rhizosphere to follow tommorow
  • Make plan for strawberry project (writing mini-proposal in the afternoon - didn't actually get any done)
  • Do colony PCR with strong nitrogen fixing endophytes and Degen Nif genes (didn't actually do).
  • FOUND THE TVD FIELD SOIL DNA SAMPLES FROM 2 YEARS AGO! LABELLED 1-9G, 9B, they were in a plastic bag in the -20 upstairs. Sample 7 is empty, but will add water to it and do bacterial and fungal TRFLP on them anyway for inclusion with the rest of the stuff in the pyrosequencing study.