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Remains of the Day

  • First thing, start HhaI and DdeI digests of plate 1 and plate 2 of Mt. Brydges Maize experiment. For Tilbury grafted plants and organic amendmant bulk soil, use HhaI and BstNI. Submit TRFLP samples (about 576 in total!) - didn't time it right, so I'll have to send the samples in tommorow instead.
  • George encouraged me to develop the NifH TRFLP, in addition to one for several antibiotic genes, and phosphate solubilizing genes. He refered me to his previous report (called, "HAL final report") for primer information, etc.
  • I started trying to write the Terrabiogen report.
  • George also wants to bioassay the soil being sent up from California (round 2 of the strawberry project). I'm going to try to find some inbred strawberry seed to use in the bioassay.