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Remains of the Day

  • Harvest some more flowering tomatoes (did Beaufort, TBG 0.01%, and LA1286)
  • Work on tomato report
  • Draft CFCIC letter of intent
  • gEORGE wants me to re-analyze Ed Tomachek TRFLP samples
  • Got tomato organic amendmant field TRFLP samples back and PCAed
  • Got fungal sequences from growth room organic amendmant trial. Molasses amended fungus was Rhizopus oryzae, while fish emulsion amended soil fungus was Actinomucor elegans. TBG treated soil fungus sequencing failed.
  • Got Oomcyete clones sequences back. All appear to be oomycetes, but very poor matches to Genbank makes it hard to know what to say about them.