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Remains of the Day

  • Get cooler full of dry ice and drive to Ridgetown to pick up root samples - did it, drove to Ridgetown, got samples, and discovered that the Tilbury samples are indeed replicates of the soil amendmant trial (though their numbers may be different than those assigned to the Leamington site). The washed roots I got today are from the grafted plants, but there's little or no rhizosphere left to measure. :( He also confirmed that there's no TVD publications to date, that everyone's confused about the disease, to the point that some people are calling it "not a disease". The tomatoes and potatoes I gave him have grown up, although only the tomatoes and the S. pirrelli are flowering. Maybe the potatoes will tuberize?
  • Transformed Oomycete PCR: ligation from yesterady
  • Mt. Brydges harvest tommorow, Steve Warner says he's not coming on account of being tired/hurt.