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Preparing Broth and Agar


During this lab session, solutions of LB/Agar and LB Broth were prepared. A solution of Ampicilin was prepared to be added to the broth and agar.


1. The correct concentration for dissolving LB Broth Media into water is 25g per liter of water.

The correct concentration for dissolving granulated Agar into water is 20g per liter of water.

- For the LB/Agar solution.
2.51g of LB Broth Media and 2.00g Difco (TM) granulated Agar were dissolved in 100mL of water
- For the LB Broth solution,
1.25g of LB Broth Media were dissolved into 50mL of water

2. In order to prepare the ampicilin solution, 100mg of Ampicilin Sodium Salt were dissolved into 1mL of sterilized water. This solution was prepared in a sterilized eppendorf tube using sterile equipment.