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1. Testing Pellets and Supernatants of concentrated solutions

Notes Thursday 04/17, I ran the solutions in the centrifuge for 3 hours at 18,000 rpm The pellet was much larger than before. the supernatant was removed and store for testing


  1. The solutions were placed in the centrifuge for a second spin down for 3 hours at 1,8000 rpm
  2. Tris buffer and Sodium DIthionite in Tris buffer were degassed
  3. Ocean Optics spectroscopy of pellets and supernatants (1st and 2nd)


Alpha Hemoglobin Pellet.png+DML The results for the hemoglobin pellet after correction

Alpha Myoglobin Pellet.png+DML The results for the myoglobin pellet after correction

AuNPDTT.png AuNP solution run with Sodium Dithionite to correct protein solutions