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==Lecture notes==
==Lecture notes==
[[Drummond:PopGen|Population genetics notes]]
[[Drummond:PopGen|Population genetics notes]]
[[Drummond:Coupling|Coevolution notes]]
<!-- [[Drummond:Coupling|Coevolution notes]]-->

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This is Allan's page. You might want the Drummond Lab home page.

To do


  • HXK2 using native antibody
    • Tests whether results depend on the tag or not
  • Complement CDC19 deletion using acceptor-bracketed allele
    • Tests whether sandwiched proteins are functional





Protocols under construction

Detection of soluble and insoluble proteins: Drummond:Solubility

Buffers for lysis: Drummond:Lysis

Protein slot-blot: Drummond:Protein Slot Blot Protocol

Ubiquitin western: Drummond:Ubiquitin Western

Test page for CSS columns: Drummond:Columns

Lecture notes

Population genetics notes