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Christin Sander

iGEM 2006 ... Isn't it exciting to be one of the first students at your university that work on a project that has never been done before? Well, I think it is ... and that's why I am here !

About myself:

I am an undergraduate student at Imperial College London and just completed my 2nd year in Biomedical Engineering. I grew up in Germany, in a small town (well, compared to London nearly every town is tiny...), finished my school education there but then decided to come to London to study at university.

Interests & Hobbies

"Music is a language everyone knows how to speak - it opens up a whole new world" ... From very young, I have been devoted to music - I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. Playing the violin is one of my loved hobbies and so I have played in duos, chamber music an am currently playing in the orchestra.

Having been in swimming teams for a long time - I have fun doing all kinds of sports. Apart from swimming, this includes going to the (newly openend!) gym, playing badminton ... and not to forget skiing (only during holidays though) !!!