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==Useful links==
==Useful links==
*[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
*[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
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*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]

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Cong T. Trinh (an artistic interpretation)

Contact Info

  • Trinh Lab
  • University of Tennessee Knoxville
  • ctrinh@utk.edu

Research interests

  • Inverse metabolic engineering; systems and synthetic biology
  • Metabolic network modeling; experimental metabolic flux quantification
  • Rational design and optimization of complex heterologous metabolic pathways using in-vivo and in-vitro systems
  • Cell physiology and advanced fermentation
  • Synthesis of advanced biofuels and biochemicals from biomass-derived feedstocks and biodiesel waste, glycerol by using robust and efficient engineered whole-cell biocatalysts


1. Trinh, C.T., Blanch, H.W., Clark, D.S., 2011. Rational development of the gene swapping and amplification technique for useful unknown genotype-phenotype discovery, in preparation.

2. Trinh, C.T., Li, J., Blanch, H.W., Clark, D.S., 2011. Redesigning Escherichia coli metabolism for anaerobic production of isobutanol (under revision).

3. Jevremovic, D., Trinh, C.T., Srienc, F., Sosa, C.P., Boley, D., 2011. Parallelization of null space algorithm for the computation of metabolic pathways, Parallel Computing (accepted).

4. Trinh, C.T., Huffer, S., Clark, M.E., Blanch, H.W., Clark, D.S., 2010. Elucidating Mechanisms of Solvent Toxicity in ethanologenic Escherichia coli. Biotechnol Bioeng 106(5):721-730. (Spotlight)

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6. Jevremovic, D., Trinh, C.T., Srienc, F., Boley, D., 2010. On Algebraic Properties of Extreme Pathways in Metabolic Networks. J Comp Biol 17(2):107-19.

7. Trinh, C.T., Srienc, F., 2009. Metabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli for Efficient Conversion of Glycerol into Ethanol. Appl Environ Microbiol 75(21): 6696-6705.

8. Trinh, C.T., Wlaschin, A.P., Srienc, F., 2009. Metabolic Pathway Analysis: A Useful Tool for Characterizing Cellular Metabolism. Appl Microbiol Biotechnol 81(5): 813-826.

9. Trinh, C.T., Unrean, P., Srienc, F., 2008. A minimal Escherichia coli cell for most efficient ethanol production from hexoses and pentoses. Appl Environ Microbiol 74: 3634-3643. (Cover Art)

10. Trinh, C.T., Carlson, R., Wlaschin, A.P., Srienc, F., 2006. Design, construction and performance of the most efficient biomass producing E. coli bacterium. Metab Eng 8: 628-638.

11. Wlaschin, A.P., Trinh, C.T., Carlson, R., Srienc, F., 2006. The fractional contributions of elementary modes to the metabolism of E. coli and their estimation from reaction entropies. Metab Eng 8: 338-352. (Cover Art)



Useful links