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If you have any questions or difficulties with this, '''just ask'''
If you have any questions or difficulties with this, '''feel free to ask'''

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Hey Guys!

These links will take you to the editing help pages for wiki code.

You should use these pages to familiarise yourself with the basic wiki code that will help you document your project and thus help each keep each other (and us!) in touch with what you are doing.

Later on a different code may probably be chosen and used, to start with wiki is more than suitable however.

In particular, it will help you to know how to work with:

  • Fonts and text highlights such as bold and italics
  • Bulletpoints
  • Page Layouts
  • Tables
  • Pictures and Media (eg. word documetns)
  • Referencing using PMIDS


Wiki Tutorial

Meta page on Wiki Tables - This far more advanced and me be of use later on

Wiki Page on pictures



To help you get used to this - and find areas of common interest!

  1. Add some details to your user page!
  2. Add an image - feel free to use a random one for now (eg. Bottom of Tom's page)
  3. Add the reference for your favourite research paper using a PMID tag
  4. Make a new page in you user space called iGEM_Interests.
  5. On this page, make a 3 column, 6 row table with the columns headed with 'Interest', 'Collaborator 1' and 'Collaborator 2'
  6. Fill in the interest column with 5 topics (eg. Standards, Bioremediation, Yeat etc.) - one per row)
  7. You biggest interest should be written in bold and your second biggest in italics
  8. When you have finished 1 and 2, go to your team mates' iGEM Interests pages and enter your name in the Collaborator 1 or 2 cell for any interest you share with them (ie. one of the 5 you also wrote!)

If you have any questions or difficulties with this, feel free to ask