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To Do List

Parts Registry

  1. Upload ALL remaining sequences and composite parts
  2. Update AmyE 3' sequence and any other sequences that are strain specific
  3. Check ALL sequences against produced parts yet again and update
  4. Add stop codons to all Protein Coding Regions on diagrams
  5. Consult Angelika and update all PCR produced parts
  6. Upload sequencing results (When available)
  7. Have a group discussion about favourite parts


  1. Chloramphenicol characterisation protocol (dry media and liquid media)
  2. Chloramphenicol characterisation results page (bare so far)
  3. Chloramphenicol characterisation results (as soon as available)
  4. Update PCR protocols


  1. Collect all DNA to be sent to registry together
  2. Finish designing Chloramphenicol resistance characterisation experiment
  3. Run Chloramphenicol resistance characterisation experiment
  4. Check any remaining sequence analyses


  1. Diagrams
  2. Script
  3. Diagrams
  4. Diagrams
  5. PANIC!