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=To Do List=
=To Do List=
==Parts Registry==
=iGEM 2010=
#<font color=red> Upload ALL remaining sequences and [http://www.openwetware.org/wiki/IGEM:IMPERIAL/2008/Prototype/Wetlab/parts/Composite composite parts]</font>
==PlasmaDNA Tutorial==
#<font color=red> Update AmyE 3' sequence and any other sequences that are strain specific</font>
#<font color=red> Check ALL sequences against produced parts yet again and update</font>
#<font color=red> Add stop codons to all Protein Coding Regions on diagrams</font>
#<font color=red> Collect all DNA to be sent to registry together</font>
#<font color=red> Finish designing Chloramphenicol resistance characterisation experiment</font>
#<font color=red> Run Chloramphenicol resistance characterisation experiment</font>
#<font color=red> Check any remaining sequence analyses</font>
#<font color=red> Diagrams</font>
#<font color=red> Script</font>
#<font color=red> Diagrams</font>
#<font color=red> Diagrams</font>
#<font color=red> <big>PANIC!</big> </font>

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To Do List

iGEM 2010

PlasmaDNA Tutorial