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  • Using procedure for UV-Vis from 2/6/13 two assays were performed using Adenosine and ADA in phosphate buffer
  • 5mM adenosine stock solution was too concentrated and exceeded the capacity of the UV-Vis therefore it was diluted:
    • Dilution Tables are located below

Concentration Tables

This table is the volumes of 5mM adenosine and phosphate buffer used to make the new adenosine stock solutions.

[Old Adenosine Stock Solution] (uM) Volume Adenosine Stock Solution added (uL) Volume Adenosine Phosphate Buffer added (uL) [New Adenosine Stock Solution] (uL) Volume New Adenosine Stock Solution (mL)
5000 200 800 1000 3
5000 150 850 750 3
5000 100 900 500 3
5000 40 960 200 3
5000 16 984 80 3
5000 6.4 993.6 32 3


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