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Concentration of Adenosine (uM) Average Velocity over 30s (nm/sec)
200 0.00021
100 0.000183333
40 0.00012
16 0.0001
6.4 0.000047
2.56 0.000033

1/[adenosine] (1/uM) 1/[velocity] (sec/nm)
0.005 4761.904762
0.01 5454.545455
0.025 8333.333333
0.0625 10000
0.15625 21276.59574
0.390625 30303.0303

  • Lineweaver Burke Plot:


  • Concentration Adenosine vs Velocity:


-1/Vmax 6163.1
Vmax 0.000162256 nm/sec
-1/Km -0.093
Km 10.75 uM


Concentration recalculations were taken from Dhea Patel Deleted concentration 2.56 uM point from graphs

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