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Contact Info

Me holding a tube of my first DNA vector prototype

I've joined OpenWetWare to contribute protocols and standards that are useful to amateurs and undergraduates, and to share information on my activities at at a more granular level than I share on my blog there.


  • 2007, BSc (Genetics), N.U.I. Cork

Research interests

  1. Synbio platforms tailored for individuals; novel selection methods and equipment-minimal protocols
  2. Localised production of medicines; an "antibiotic suitcase" for the global village
  3. A self-replicating laboratory platform, inspired by the Reprap/Fablab

Current Work

Validating a custom-designed, high-stability, high-capacity, antibiotic-selection free plasmid for Bacillus subtilis, intended for Open Source development and routine use by amateurs or professionals.

Past Work

Useful links

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