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To test the activity of our HRP-NPs for the catalytic conversion of luminol.


Creating the Luminol-H2O2 Solution

  1. Add 969.61 μL of the luminol stock and 1.598 mL of the hydrogen peroxide stock to a 10 mL volumetric flask.
  2. Dilute the solution to 10 mL with buffer.

Enzyme Kinetics Measurement

  1. Add 2 mL of the luminol-H2O2 solution to a cuvette.
  2. Start kinetics measurement:
  • 1 ms integration
  • 10 scan average
  • Set "Save the first available scan every" to 15 seconds
  • Set "Stop after this amount of time" to 10 minutes
  • Set "File Type" to Tab Delimited
  • Just before 1 minute, add 1 mL of 60:1 Au:HRP solution.

BSA-AuNP Synthesis

  1. Add 1.00 mL of 2.33 mM gold solution (HAuCL4) to a 10 mL volumetric flask.
  2. Add 1.73 mL BSA (90x more gold than BSA) to the volumetric flask.
  3. Dilute th solution up to 10 mL with deionized water.
  4. Transfer the solution to a test tube and cap with aluminum foil.
  5. Heat in the oven at 80°C for four hours.
  6. Transfer the solution to a plastic falcon tube.


  • The buffer was 5.1 mM Tris at pH 8.
  • The stock concentration of luminol was 1.46 mM.
  • The stock concentration of hydrogen peroxide was 44.29 mM.
  • The stock concentration of gold (HAuCL4)was 2.33 mM.
  • The stock concentration of BSA was 15 μM.