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Hey there!

My name is Camille Delebecque and I am a graduate student in Synthetic Biology in between the Silver lab and the Taddei lab.

Please do not hesitate to drop a line! camille dot delebecque at gmail dot com

More about:

  • My graduate program here
  • My funding from Enerbio here
  • My past education:

I have two master degrees from two grandes écoles: One in bio-engineering from AgroParisTech which is part of the new ParisTech consortium (check it out, it's pretty cool) and the other one is an interdisciplinary program in life sciences from the Ecole Normale Supérieure and Paris University.

In between those two, I followed a broad curriculum spanning everything from research in life sciences to management - which are the two fields with which I identify. Along this way I did internships in academia but also at the UNESCO headquarters for example doing management of innovation in developing countries.

What else?

My current research interest is in between synthetic biology, nanotechnologies and biofuel production.

You can find more about me on my website and my blog

Looking forward to meeting you!