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will bosworth
bosworth AT
mit class of 2008
pursing a bs in mechanical engineering with a minor in biology
currently a member of the UCBerkeley iGEM team,
designing cellular logic gates in cells; creating and testing conjugation-based communication models 
in e.coli . Continuing this project in the endy lab @ mit in fall2006. 
previously a member of the MIT iGEM team] in 2005, where 
I did alot of struggling and learning. We tried to modify a chemical pathway to create a platform to 
sense different environmental factors. Our method involved significantly modifying surface protein's
structures (synthesizing altered sequences) and then expecting those proteins to still work. We did
not get very far. 

concrete interests: 
# bio-electro-mechanical system design and MEMS - living cell interaction
# electro-mechanical motion control & creating the mechanisms and terminology for analogous control in biological systems. 
# quantitative models matching actual results. 

# I must be interested in something that doesn't sound "far out and far away," too.
abstract interests: 
# innovation 
# righteous engineering 
# good design (in any form)
# self assembly
# abstraction
# exploring and managing complexity
# simplicity
# big words