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will bosworth
bosworth AT
mit bs meche 2008 
currently deferred from mit meche grad school... order to start [ nub labs] and develop a sustainable business model around empowering people, 
work at [ Seegrid] and design robots and watch a 5th year start-up bloom, 
and perform & record with [ The Pears] and as [ TF Willie]. 
previously a member of the UCBerkeley iGEM team 2006,
designing cellular logic gates in cells; creating and testing conjugation-based communication models 
in e.coli .  

previously a member of the MIT iGEM team 2005, where 
I did alot of struggling and learning. We tried to modify a chemical pathway to create a platform to 
sense different environmental factors. Our method involved significantly modifying surface protein's
structures (synthesizing altered sequences) and then expecting those proteins to still work. We did
not get very far.